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How to Wear a Tie Clip

19 March 2019  |  Admin

Securing a tie clip is not rocket science, but we are always surprised how many modern gents just are not getting it right. Here at Gents Shop, we have decided to break it down into five key steps so you can clue yourself up and wear that tie clip with confidence.

1. The second rule of thumb is that your tie clip should not just clip together the two ends of your tie, but should secure them to the placket (the double layered fabric alongside the buttonholes) of your shirt. After all, that is what the tie-clip is designed to do - keep your tie sitting prim, proper and in perfect position. Ignore the shirt placket, and your tie will flap tempestuously in the breeze, and that just won't do.

2. To clip, catch the two ends of your tie between the clip, then use the clip to pin them to the placket. Voila!

3. Position your tie clip straight, perpendicular to your tie, and never ever angled.

4. If your tie clip is wider than the width of your tie, what were you thinking? Your tie clip should never extend wider than your tie. About 3/4 of the width is optimal.

5. It's a waistcoat or tie clip, not a waistcoat and tie clip. The waistcoat renders the tie clip redundant, so remember never to wear a tie clip if you're opting for a waistcoat.

As you can see, getting that tie clip sitting top-notch needn't be a tricky affair! Keep the above tips in mind when you're putting on that suit, and you'll know you've got that smart gents style sussed.

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