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Select from our range of heavy duty trouser braces which feature either heavy duty braces clips with a good strong grip or strong leather button on ends. The strong heavy duty braces shown below have strong braces elastic and are available in X style with 4 heavy duty clips or Y Style with leather button on ends.

All our heavy duty braces for men’s trousers are available in big and tall sizes up to XXL or 52 inches. We are now pleased to offer some designs up to 4XL or 60 inches. 

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Bright Rainbow Trouser Braces
Blue Striped Leather End Braces
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Both ladies and men can look great in denim jeans with braces. Very fashionable but here are a few tips to assist in your choice of braces for jeans.

Just as wider heavier belts are normally used with jeans, you should also generally wear thicker or stronger elastic braces or suspenders with denim. These 35mm heavy duty thick strong elastic braces are available as X back clip on or Y back button on styles. Your jeans with braces mens outfit will look better when you keep this in mind. Ladies may choose to wear slimmer 25mm elastic bracer designs.

Consider attaching buttons to the waistband of your jeans either on the outside or inside. Pair them with button on heavy duty braces and these are perfect if undertaking manual work or just want a strong secure fit. Buy buttons from our range of colours including black, navy blue, grey, beige, brown and white.

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