Dress Shirt Studs

Buy now new dress shirt studs and formal cufflinks and dress stud sets with either four, five or six studs for men’s shirts. Our studs set are available in a wide choice of colour and styles including black, white, mother of pearl or silver. Perfect for formal occasions with a dress code, tuxedo evening wear, black tie events or weddings.

Shirt studs were developed in the 19th Century to wear with a formal stiff bib or pleated front formal dress shirt.

Whether it's for formal occasions, a formal wedding, or black tie function, browse through our selection below to find your perfect dress shirt studs set.

Some of our dress stud sets have matching cufflinks with them but we also sell sets of just dress shirt studs themselves. You may decide to buy a set of formal dress studs and then add a pair of our cufflinks.

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How to Wear Shirt Studs

Tuxedo shirts are specially designed to allow dress shirt studs to be used as an alternative to a button. To attach your shirt studs to the shirt it is easiest to hang your shirt up on a hanger so you are looking at the front of it. Above each button down the shirt front there is a small hole.

Starting at the second button down from the top of the shirt simply push the shirt stud through the hole above the button, from the back to the front so that the decorative part of the shirt stud sits above the button facing front. Then fasten on the back of the shirt stud to the front decorative part normally using the screw on fastening. The shirt stud is then secure on the shirt. Continue down the shirt fastening the shirt studs in the other holes located just above the shirt buttons. Once you have used all your shirt studs either 4 or 5 you are ready to put on your shirt. You then fasten the shirt using the shirt studs rather than the buttons.

If you are going to wear a cummerbund then a set of 4 dress shirt studs would be correct. If you are not planning to wear a cummerbund then a set of 5 shirt studs would be required. There should only be two holes that do not use a stud. The one at the collar which should be fastened using the button as normal and then covered normally with a bow tie and the one at the very bottom of the shirt which is tucked into your trousers.

The tuxedo shirt placket is the centre strip of the tuxedo shirt where the shirt studs will show. Therefore, if you are wishing to wear dress studs, just ensure when you are choosing the style of shirt that it doesn't have a fly front placket which would cover the button or stud area and therefore they would not be seen. To complete the look, you may choose to wear matching cufflinks when wearing shirt studs or just cufflinks with the same metal colour i.e. silver dress shirt studs with silver cufflinks.

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