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Button Size Chart Converting Ligne to Metric mm

28 October 2023  |  Admin

"Ligne" represented by the letter 'L', serves as the universally recognized indicator for button sizing and has been used for centuries.  Ligne is a French word, pronounced as and meaning "line" and is used to measure the diameter of buttons.

Determining the size of a button involves gauging its diameter, or for non-circular buttons, the width at its widest point. While the most precise method employs specialized tools, you can obtain a fairly accurate measurement using a seam gauge or by measuring straight across a button placed flat using a ruler.

Our button size chart below is an easy guide to use when converting this traditional term of ligne to metric button sizes in mm. 


Ligne Millimetres (mm)
12L 8mm
14L 9mm
16L 10mm
18L 11mm
20L 12mm
22L 14mm
24L 15mm
28L 18mm
30L 19mm
32L 20mm
34L 21mm
36L 23mm
38L 24mm
40L 25mm
48L 30mm


Our button selection covers a range from 18L to 32L, accommodating various uses, from small shirt buttons to robust coat buttons. Commonly, shirt buttons are 18L or 18 ligne, while jacket cuffs typically use 24L or 24 ligne. Trousers are best suited with 28L or 28 ligne buttons, and jackets often feature 32L or 32 ligne buttons.

Traditionally, men's tailoring favours 4-hole buttons, while women's tailoring leans towards 2-hole buttons, though the choice ultimately relies on the preferences of both the tailor and the customer. We carry sew-on buttons in an array of sizes, available in solid plain colours. Additionally, we offer mock horn buttons, a popular choice for tweed garments and knitwear enthusiasts.

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