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Handkerchief Sizes

1 Comment14 June 2020  |  Admin

Handkerchief Size Guide by Gents Shop

Classic handkerchiefs for men have always been popular as a gift, so we have put together this size guide to assist you if you are looking for a certain sized hankie. Remember you can also use the size filter facility from our handkerchiefs page to aide your choice.


A Table Showing the Different Sizes Our Mens Hankerchiefs Available Online at Gents Shop


      Handkerchief Size                                                                        


Standard Size Handkerchiefs 40cm x 40 cm Square


Buy 40cm x 40cm Cotton Hankies Here


Standard Size Plus Handkerchiefs 42.5 cm x 42.5 cm Square



Buy 42.5 cm x 42.5 cm Cotton Hankies Here


 Large Handkerchiefs 44cm x 44 cm Square


Buy Large Cotton Hankies Here


 Super Size Handkerchiefs 53.5cm x 53.5 cm Square


Buy Super Size Extra Large Cotton Hankies Here

Boxed cotton handkerchiefs available here.




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