15mm Flat White Buttons with 4 Holes
15mm Flat White Buttons with 4 Holes

15mm Flat White Buttons with 4 Holes

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Introducing our versatile 24 ligne round buttons, the perfect addition to clothing particulary suits, trousers or skirts. These buttons, measure 15mm in diameter, have four holes, and can easily be sewn onto garments by tailors, dressmakers, or used as replacement buttons.

A packet of 6 white buttons ready for you to sew on to your suits, trousers or skirts.

With their four-hole flat design and rim edge, they ensure secure attachment and easy sewing, making them practical for various sewing projects. Whether you're looking to upgrade an old garment or add a finishing touch to a new creation, these buttons are a practical and stylish choice.

These plastic round 4-hole buttons, measure 24 ligne or 15mm (approx) in diameter and are perfect for tailors, dressmakers, and anyone in need of replacement buttons for their haberdashery collection.

Available in a range of colours including, grey, black, white and navy blue.

Button Size
15mm / 24 Ligne
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