Pack of 6 Light Grey Sew on Buttons for Braces Trousers

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As well as being much cheaper than a clip on no sew buttons, the benefits of using these sewn in buttons it is the traditional method used and there is no damage over time to the trouser fabric. Finally, there is no metal stud or part of the clip showing on the rear of the trouser waistband.

A packet of 6 light grey traditional braces buttons ready for you to sew on to your trouser waistband.

These buttons for braces measure 28 ligne or 18mm (approx). They have curved edges making them easier to slide through the braces runners or loops. The four holes in the centre make sewing them on easy and enable a strong fixture to the waistband.

These are essential if your trousers do not come with them already in place and you want to wear traditional button on braces.

They are normally sewn on the inside of your waistband on formal suit trousers or alternatively on the outside of the waistband on work trousers.

Button Size
18mm / 28 Ligne
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