Leather End Braces

Browse our range of suspenders for men. We sell high quality mens leather braces UK made, available in a selection of colours. All our leather end braces, button trouser braces and runner end trouser braces and suspenders are available in assorted colours. We have a wide selection of colours available and also extra long mens braces.

All our 35mm wide suspenders for men are available in assortment of styles;

Classic Runner End Trouser Braces and Suspenders have flat leather ends which fasten to the trousers which normally have the buttons fastened to the inside of the waistband. Our most popular style are the black suspenders.

Button Leather End Suspenders fasten to buttons which are normally inside the waistband of the wearers trousers. These are also known as rolled leather end suspenders for men.

We also sell Combination or 2 in 1 braces. These are suspenders with metal clips and leather ends. The wearer simply chooses which style they would like to use that day and switches between the leather end braces and Clip-on Braces. These are very versatile.