Small in design, big on style, a pair of quality Cufflinks will add character and class to your shirt cuffs in seconds, and so they are the perfect accessory for modern men who like to look their very best at all times.

In our exclusive cufflinks collection, you will find classic cufflinks for the discerning gent, novelty cufflinks for fashionable men, wedding cufflinks for the big day, and a fabulous range of themed cufflinks for those who like to spice up their style with quirky accessories for men.

Cufflinks for men to add a touch of class – and personality

Here at Gents Shop we stock a massive variety of cufflinks for men that are suitable for every occasion. Whether a day at the office or something more formal such as a wedding, cufflinks are a great way to add a bit of dazzle to your outfit.

Believe it or not, cufflinks have been available in some sort of form since the early 16th century, when the nobility of the day would attach their sleeves together with a short linked chain (literally a cuff link), a format we would recognise today. Originally made of glass at each end, they evolved to today’s metal form throughout the 17th century, although many still give a nod to their routes by including a glass or precious stone embedded within the metal.

Nowadays, mens designer cufflinks provide a touch of class to any outfit on most occasions, but many men choose to liven up their outfit with novelty cufflinks. Our amazing selection includes products for aviation fans, sports fans, techies and geeks, music fans and a whole selection of flag cuff links that are perfect for showing a little national pride!

Our favourite is the awesome selection of technology cufflinks for men, which encompasses the products no self-respecting tech-lover can possibly live without, including @sign cufflinks, Blackberry cufflinks, iPhone cufflinks and even an iPod pair, the perfect accompaniment to those white headphones.

For that special day, Gents Shop also stocks men’s cufflinks for weddings, featuring messages that are ideal for the Best Man and make an ideal gift to the friend which could help take the edge off a speech!

Many people associate cufflinks with a suit, but it’s becoming increasingly trendy to wear them without a jacket as a statement of understated sophistication. Cuff links provide an immediate personality to an otherwise drab double-cuff shirt, so take your pick from our fun selection. The presence of a tiny pair of men’s cufflinks might not be immediately obvious, but it’s sure to add a certain something.

For this effect, don’t forget to go with a bold pair of cufflinks for men – you might choose a contrasting colour to the shirt for maximum visual impact. If you can make the links work with shoes, a waistcoat or socks, much the better.

Of course, if you order your cufflinks and decide you’ve made a horrible mistake and should have chosen a different set, you can pop the designer presentation box (with the cufflinks inside, please!) back in the post to us and we’ll make sure you get a full reimbursement thanks to our no-quibble return guarantee. Orders over £20 are delivered free too, so you might find it economical to choose something else from one of our great ranges of mens designer cufflinks.

Finally, don’t forget that cufflinks make great gifts for men and are really easy to pack and ship. You can order them directly from Gents Shop and we’ll take care of everything else – the hardest part will be selecting the right pair from our incredible range.