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Modern men like to look their best, and so we are constantly updating our men’s grooming collection with the latest men’s manicure sets, fabulous pedicure sets and all the nail care accessories you could possibly need to look good.

Filled with quality manicure instruments and delivered in a leather or hard case that you can take with you wherever you go, our men’s manicure sets make fabulous gifts for discerning gents who like to stay trimmed, filed and perfectly polished – without visiting a salon.

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Page 1 of 1:    3 Items

Why male grooming kits are trendier than you may think

A male grooming kit is an essential part of any guy’s bathroom or travel repertoire. Used for those daily touch ups that keep us looking great (it doesn’t just happen naturally, ladies…), they can be stashed away in the bathroom or taken on the road pretty easily, making sure everything is at hand when it’s needed. But what goes into one?

Firstly, it’s essential to make sure you have enough to keep your nails in shape – there’s a reason these are also described as a male manicure set. Therefore, scissors are vital, as are nail clippers, occasionally two pairs that are suitable for both hands and feet. A nail file to ensure the perfect finish is also included, so that you can be perfectly trimmed, all the time!

What about those other tools in a male grooming kit? Well, there is normally a pair of tweezers used for plucking the errant hair here and there, as well as for cleaning up damaged cuticles on your nails. A cuticle pusher is commonly found too, used for pushing back the cuticles and leaving your nails clear. You’ll generally find that these are double-ended one with a rounded tip for the surface of the nail and another pointed end for the edges.

Also found in one manicure set for men that we sell here on Gents Shop is a razor with interchangeable heads, ideal for men who are on the go and hate having to pack a large shaving kit alongside these compact boxes.

That may sound like a lot of grooming, but it’s important. Male grooming is becoming the norm for many fellas, a survey last year showed, proving that it’s no longer just the realm of Beckham-style metrosexuals. Out of 1000 men, over half used grooming products regularly and young (18-34 year old) men spend an average of £14.60 a month on grooming products.

Dark colours such as black or navy, the shades overwhelmingly featured in the male manicure sets on Gents Shop, were the most popular among the men surveyed, with 88 percent of respondents agreeing that they were the most ‘male’.

Interestingly, the majority said that they used grooming products for themselves rather than anyone else such as a partner or spouse, suggesting that while ostentatious grooming may be out, it’s the little touches such as nails and hair which guys are paying more attention to on a daily basis.

So, time to start tackling those daily grooming jobs with one of our kits guys! Each one comes with a no quibble 30 day guarantee and we offer free delivery for orders over £20, so you may want to check out some of our other great products too.

 Don’t forget, every manicure set for men will slip nicely into a suitcase while travelling and includes everything you need to keep trim (if you’ll forgive the double-entendre) on the go.

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