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Trouser Braces Men Ė Teaming With A Belt: A Fashion Faux Pas You Need To Avoid

Trouser braces men can wear are becoming more and more varied, as this accessory comes back into fashion again. Most men love teaming a pair of braces with some smart trousers and a suit jacket to create a classic look that is filled with personality. However, there is one thing you should never do when wearing trouser braces, and this is wear a belt.

Wearing a belt with braces is a major fashion faux pas. After all, mens trouser braces are designed to hold your trousers up, just as belts are designed to hold your trousers up. So what is the point in wearing them both? Of course, sometimes we wear things merely to make a fashion statement, as we believe they look good. Nevertheless, most people will agree that wearing a belt and braces together isnít exactly a good look. Belts and braces combined creates three sides of square around your middle. So, overall the look is a rectangle. Do you really want to look like a LEGO character? Itís unlikely! Another fashion mistake people make when wearing braces is opting for a style that does not go with the outfit they are wearing. If you are sporting a classic suit for a formal event such as a wedding, you donít want to team bright yellow novelty braces with your outfit. Equally, though, you donít need to go for something too sophisticated when wearing casual attire.

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