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Trouser Braces – How To Embrace Wearing Braces

Trouser braces are most certainly back in. The leather belt is actually a fairly recent invention and before the First World War, belts were largely decorative things. Until relatively recently, the average man would use a pair of braces to hold his trousers up. Braces are still the most secure method of preventing your trousers from falling down; plus you don’t get the sagging you sometimes find with an ill-fitting belt. Luckily, braces, or suspenders, are re-entering the mainstream and more people are recognising that they have the potential to look really good on men, if worn correctly. With that in mind, here’s a quick guide to wearing braces.

Clips On Braces For Trousers

There are many different kinds and types of braces for trousers available to wear. Skinhead and punk cultures both adopted braces in the last century, for instance, attaching varying importance to the patterns, colours and types of braces being worn. For this reason, and to avoid sporting too outlandish a style, men should know their types of braces. Trouser braces keep your trousers pulled up, but they do this through means of various suspender attachments; and you need to be able to differentiate between the finger clip, the no-slip clip, the trigger snap and the plastic gripper. These all come under the broad category of clip braces, and out of these, the simple finger clip is perhaps the most commonly seen. These attachments grip or pinch the trousers in order to hold them up. When you buy braces for trousers, you can also buy ones with leather or fabric buttons. Braces with buttons do not risk damaging the fabric of your clothing in the way that metal clips might, but they do require specialised button holes on your trousers, usually on the inside. Braces with clips are usually cheaper and easier to manage, but are considered a little less classy than the more traditional button braces.

The Sizing Of Mens Trouser Braces

It can be hard to size mens trouser braces, simply because the fabric of the suspenders will often stretch. The general shape and size of the wearer will also of course vary, adding to the difficulty. When looking at trouser braces for men, however, remember that most braces are adjustable and come with sliding adjusters. Ensuring you find a pair of braces you can size to fit is quite important, as the length as seen in the shop is unlikely to fit you exactly. Do not worry overly. Provided you buy adjustable ones, you will almost certainly be able to make them fit your build and height. The average length of a typical pair of braces varies from 100cm to 112cm. These sizes of trouser braces would fit someone of medium build, with a height of up to six feet. These are, of course, rough estimates, and the best way to know for sure is to try on a pair or two to see what suits best. Overall, the width of the brace straps is less important in terms of fit, but has more significance when it comes to style. Super-skinny braces are available, as are extra-wide ones; although the most common width is about 35mm. These suit most people, most outfits and most occasions.

Types Of Braces For Trousers

As noted, one of the major differences in the world of braces is between button and clip attachments. But aside from attachment type and length, there are other things to bear in mind when buying braces for trousers. One is the choice between X-back braces and Y-back braces. X-back braces are also called 4-clip braces, with Y-back braces commonly being known as 3-clip braces. As you have probably already worked out, the number refers to the number of points of connection, and the letter resembles the shape of the respective types of braces when viewed from behind. X-back describes the shape of the braces where they form an X on your back; while Y-back braces self-evidently form the shape of a Y on your back because they have only one point of connection on your back. When buying braces for trousers men should also consider the distinction between the two. Braces get rid of the bunching around the waist that sometimes occurs with a belt. X-back braces have an extra point of connection and will raise your trousers more evenly; they are also generally stronger than Y-back braces. It is often better to go with X-back braces because they fit and hold better, but the Y-backs have their own unique look and you might prefer this style.

A Few Considerations When Wearing Mens Trouser Braces

Now you roughly understand the types of mens trouser braces available, it is worth considering a few ‘must-have’ nuggets of information when it comes to wearing suspenders or braces. Firstly, you should never wear trouser braces with a belt. This should be obvious, but some people persist in this fashion faux pas. Braces and a belt essentially do the same thing, and wearing both is overkill. After all, you wouldn’t wear two belts would you? Gents trouser braces are also a requisite when wearing black tie. There is actually no such thing as a formal belt, so you should never wear one with formal wear. Braces, in any case, also happen to look great with formal wear, setting off your outfit stylishly. White braces for men are often the best bet for formal wear, and should be either white silk, to blend with your shirt, or a pale cream colour. Another point to consider is the presence or absence of belt loops on your trousers. The full braces look is best pulled off with trousers that have no belt loops. But once you have the right look in mind, you’ll need a place to buy braces. You can do no better than to head to the Gents Shop.

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