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Mens Trouser Braces

Mens Trouser Braces Ė All You Need To Know About Braces

Mens trouser braces are making a comeback in a big way. No longer just the hallmark accessory of lumberjacks and Father Christmas, more and more gentlemen are adopting suspenders as a classy method of holding up their trousers. Trouser braces make your trousers look both cleaner-cut and better fitting, they also add a touch of style and are comfortable as well. Being both practical and classy, they are a popular option, not just for older gentlemen but increasingly for modern young men. But what are trouser braces and what do you need to know about wearing them? Here is a short introduction.

What Are Trouser Braces?

Mens trouser braces are called suspenders in America, and itís true that in recent years, not many men have considered them in vogue. That is a shame, because they are comfortable, and allow for a looser yet better fitting pair of trousers to be worn. The leather belt is a fairly recent introduction to the everyday wardrobe, and not that long ago, men naturally wore suspenders or braces as we wear belts. It was actually considered uncouth to show your braces at one point, and traditionally they would be covered by a jacket or a vest. They would only have become a feature of an outfit in very formal or ceremonial garb. Nowadays, it is much more acceptable to show off a snazzy pair of new braces, but they are still technically underwear. There is one rule to remember from this, and that is, donít show off your braces in the same way that you would show off a pocket square. Gents trouser braces are essentially a practical item. There are a few different types of suspenders available, and the main difference is between clip-on suspenders and button-down suspenders, the latter of which require trousers with buttons on the inside of the waist band. Of course, you can easily turn any pair of trousers into those suitable for button down braces. All thatís needed is to sew a few buttons in the appropriate places of your trousers. Then, you can wear mens trousers braces with any slacks, without worry.

Wearing Trouser Braces For Men

You should bear a few things in mind if you want to look sharp while wearing trouser braces for men. Never wear a belt with braces, as this is essentially overkill and does not look nearly as stylish. You should also avoid wearing trousers with belt loops at all, as they get in the way of the clean-cut look. Of course, there are some exceptions where directly adopting a more casual pair of trousers to the braces works well. Youíll also want to find trousers with a mid- to long-rise, as this is the sort of waistline that suspenders are designed to work with. The high-rise waist has become unfashionable in modern times, but is increasingly adopted by those opting for a classic and professional look. Itís better not to wear braces with trousers that sit low on your hips, as this will just look silly. Cheap mens braces for trousers are available everywhere these days, but remember that they can be a false economy. Better quality braces will last longer, and even if you own cheaper braces for day-to-day wear, you should have at least one quality pair of braces in your clothing arsenal for special occasions. It is best to also wear braces with trousers that have a little room in them. They help avoid the crumpled effect that some belts can give to your waistline. Because they hitch your trousers up effortlessly from the top, trousers neednít be restrictive or too tight around your waist. But where should you buy your first pair of braces? Obviously from the Gents Shop!

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