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Gents Trouser Braces

Gents Trouser Braces The History Of Braces

Gents trouser braces, which are referred to as suspenders in the US, are a mens fashion accessory that offer both style and function. In regards to the former, there are many looks you can create with braces, from punk rock to the traditional pairing with suits. In terms of function, braces are, of course, designed to hold your trousers up. But what is the history behind this useful accessory?

The great thing about trouser braces is that they are quintessentially British. This is because Albert Thurston, a British designer, developed them in the 1820s. So they have certainly been around for quite some time, and this is why they are great for those who want to sport a vintage style. This was a significant period in mens fashion, as it became stylish to wear high-waisted trousers. For this reason, it was not practical to wear belts any longer, as they were so uncomfortable. This led to Thurston creating mens trouser braces, ensuring that trousers could be held up comfortably no matter whether you were standing or sitting. In the beginning, suspenders had an H pattern at the back. This has changed over the years; it was quickly replaced by the X pattern, after which the Y back became a popular approach. Nowadays, you can find a whole host of different styles to choose from, as well as different fastening options. Button-on suspenders were originally popular, but most people prefer clip-on braces today for ease of use.

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