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Braces for Trousers

Braces For Trousers Ė The Advantages Of Wearing Braces

Braces for trousers are how all menís slacks were held up until relatively recently. Nowadays, a stylish gent wearing trouser braces is a much less common sight than it used to be. But when you do catch a glimpse of them inside a manís jacket, you can be sure theyíre a sign of a discerning individual. Mens Trouser braces are coming back into fashion, and for good reason too: they are versatile and look great when worn correctly. They also have some natural advantages over belts, too. Itís likely that you have never considered the advantages offered by the humble braces, so here is a quick guide for your consumption.

Trouser Braces Look Great Ė But When To Wear Them?

Braces for trousers look good. They are actually part of the dress code for black tie, and there is no such thing as a formal wear belt. Instead, white braces for trousers should be worn, preferably of silk, for that real Daniel Craig in Skyfall look. But braces are by no means just for formal occasions. The biggest advantage offered by a pair of braces is that they are a great fashion statement; and when pulled off correctly, can really wow a room. Although they were worn by pretty much any man in the early- to mid-20th century, they are certainly not for the conservative nowadays, or those who mind othersí eyes on them. Braces are for fashionable men who enjoy a clean-cut look. When worn well, they can easily make a gentleman out of you. Braces for trouser come with either clips or buttons. Those with clips can be cheaper and are easier to attach, but they only work by taking a bite out of the waist band of your trousers. This can be bad for the material over the longer term, so you might wish to consider going for button-down braces. These deliver a cleaner look, especially when worn on trousers without belt loops. Itís worth noting that braces donít really work with the low waist line which is currently fashionable for men. However, with the right trousers, they give you more scope in adding design and colour to your outfit than a belt might. You can colour-coordinate to a much greater degree.

Buy Braces For Trousers For The Best Fit

When you buy braces for trousers, you are opting for the comfortable choice. You wonít suffer from the same tightness around the middle which can sometimes accompany a snug-fitting belt. This is the beauty of braces, as they lift from multiple points and from the top, meaning your trousers will fit comfortably around your waist without falling down. These several points of contact with your trousers also support them evenly. For the same reason, braces also prevent the bunching effect that suit trousers suffer from when worn with a belt. Not only are braces more comfortable, they also give a cleaner cut look to your outfit. Trousers simply look a lot neater when worn with suspenders or braces, and will also keep the front button of your trousers in place so that it is easier to align your shirt buttons with your fly. When buying braces for trousers men who have a slightly larger waist are also at an advantage. Trousers worn with braces can be worn a lot higher, allowing you to drape them around the natural narrower part of your waist, rather than being uncomfortably belted beneath your stomach. If you also fluctuate in weight a lot, braces are a good option. Most good braces are adjustable, so rather than visiting the tailor to adjust the trousersí waistline, you can wear suspenders which donít pull the fabric out of its natural shape. But where do you find quality braces? Gents Shop is a great place to start.

Braces For Trousers From Gents Shop

At Gents Shop, we have a fantastic range of trouser braces, to suit any occasion and your own desired style. We donít only sell braces for trousers, but also stock all the must-have accessories for real gentlemenís fashion. Our prices are fantastic and we have sales and great offers in abundance. Next time you need a stylish accessory to complement your outfit, visit us at We offer a free delivery service for orders over £45 and if it is your first time buying with us, we will give you a 5% discount. If you would like to send us a message, please do contact us at or 0800 865 4315.